Haute Restaurant: Mastro’s Steakhouse

These days restaurants are constantly aiming to be on the cutting edge or looking for new ways to do old tricks, which is fine but it’s always nice to have balance. And balance is what Mastro’s Steakhouse brings to Chicago. Like many of the other top steakhouses, Mastro’s is a high-end remnant of the old days when meat and potatoes were a point of pride in restaurants. It’s a sophisticated steakhouse that promises to deliver “an unparalleled dining experience.”

Mastro’s is a huge two-story restaurant that commands respect from the moment you pull up to valet. The ambiance is dark yet inviting. It’s perfect for a date or just a group of people who want great food. The dark surroundings house some of the best and enormous helpings of food you can have. The side dishes at Mastro’s are huge and unless you’re practicing to become a sumo wrestler, I’m sure you can just share with the rest of the table. But the main reason you go to a steakhouse is for the steak, Mastro’s wet-ages their steak which helps it retain its moisture and it’s served with nothing but clarified butter and parsley. No nonsense. And this is one of the few steakhouses where the seafood is great. The best way to appreciate Mastro’s is to try it, so make a reservation and enjoy.

Mastro’s is located at 520 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60654. For more information call (312) 521-5100 or visit their website. Image courtesy Grubstreet.