Haute Nightlife: Cuvee

For those interested in a late night place to get drinks in pure luxury, Cuvee is the place for you. Developed by Downtown Entertainment, Cuvee (308 West Erie) is an upscale late night lounge that caters to a high-end clientele with lots and lots of bottles of champagne.

Everything about this nightclub is dripping with luxury and exclusivity. You have to get in through a back alley entrance with a very selective doorman guarding the unmarked entrance. The people who enter are all socialites and professionals dressed in the latest designer clothes and are thirsty for the unlimited champagne options Cuvee has to offer. The venue is centered on a single room but is surrounded by clusters of VIP tables that are surrounded my countless illuminated amber bubbles to set the scene. The illuminated bubbles are just a reminder of the drink of choice in Cuvee, champagne.

The champagne is offered via the exclusive bottle service or it can be put into a mixed drink. The word Cuvee is even an indicator of what you’re in for, it refers to the best selection from the premiere champagnes of France. Cuvee has a very exciting yet extremely intimate vibe and the cocktails are “fit for a mature and sophisticated palate.” If you feel like you fit the bill Cuvee is open Wednesdays through Saturdays very late to even later. For more information about the lounge, lounge hours, or their numerous events you can head over to their website.

Images Courtesy of Cuvee Chicago