Haute Eat: Baker & Spice and All Things Nice

A large and colorful exhibition of sumptuous salads was the first gastronomic delight I saw as I entered though the doors of Baker and Spice restaurant, Souk Al Bahar. My guest and I were soon seated at a table outside with glorious views of the Dubai Fountains as we commenced our three course meal.

To commence with, I ordered a plate of organic wild rice; eggplant and tomato confit; an avocado salad and an organic mixed salad with tahini. Of the various selections, the tangy combination of tomato with feta and eggplant was especially succulent. Our starter was followed by main courses of a grilled fillet of Kingfish with roasted sweet potato, kalamata olives and fresh herb salsa as well as grilled wild prawns with parsley lime pesto and three color rice. As our waiter explained, the selection of fish will differ depending on what the fish mongers bring in; If the chef doesn’t like what he sees, he sends it back. Even so, all the fish is fresh from the Arabian Sea, which would explain the sweet flavor and succulent texture.

And for the last course of our meal, we were faced with the decision of which dessert to eat. Among all the cakes to choose from, which are all freshly made, we decided on the Carrot Cake complimented by a digestive mate lemon green tea. Certainly one of the best Carrot Cakes in all of Dubai, smooth and creamy frosting topped the moist and flavorful interior. Baker and Spice boasts plenty of other festive delights this month such as soft gingerbread men, mince pies in a smooth flaky pastry and traditional Christmas puddings. For those who don’t want to cook on Christmas but desire the comfort of home-made food, the restaurant and bakery also offers customers a Christmas dinner complete with roast turkey to the comfort of your home.

After greatly relishing in my meal, I decided to speak to the brainchild behind Baker & Spice, Yeal Mejia. It was in 1993 that Mejia entered the baking business and subsequently opened the first Baker and Spice in Knightsbridge, London. .

Passionate about good wholesome food, she explains that “flavor and environmental ethics are inextricably linked.” Most of Baker & Spice’s produce is sourced from local farmers with very few items traveling more than four hours from farm to shop. The menu is based on what is in season to ensure everything is fresh, and most importantly, tastes good. This is why, as Mejia explains, “People come here, eat, and come back.”

Baker & Spice has branches in Dubai’s Souk Al Bahar, Dukkan Al Manzil and Dubai Marina Promenade. For more information, call +971 44252240 and visit www.bakerandspice.me