Del Frisco’s Opens on Oak Street

Chicago is fast becoming the steakhouse capital, and for good reason, we have some of the best in Gibsons (which is located right around the corner), Morton’s, David Burke’s Primehouse and many more. The newest addition to the high-end steakhouse scene is Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse (58 E. Oak St.). Del Frisco’s joins the Christian Louboutin store as the newest Oak Street tenants. It occupies the old Esquire Theater Space and has many of the design elements of the theater in the 24,000 square foot restaurant.

Able to sit over 500 guests with four private dining rooms, the space is as elegant as it is spacious. Large chandeliers, a winding staircase, and a 47 foot wine tower all add to the sophistication of the restaurant. There is a second floor balcony that looks out onto Oak Street and all the high-end retail stores that fill it up.

The imagery is amazing and I haven’t even mentioned the food. The main dining room menu is full of steaks of course, including what a signature 32 oz. wagyu ribeye “longbone.” Like most great steakhouses you can pretty much get any steak you want, but a pleasant surprise is the seafood options, including my personal favorite, Crab Cakes.  The bar menu strives to pay homage to Chicago favorites with mini deep dish pizzas, homemade sausage, Italian beef sliders and Kobe dogs served Chicago-style.

The food promises to be great and the ambience is amazing. Their goal was to keep the glitz and glamour of the Esquire alive and they succeeded. For the full menu, to make reservations or to learn more you can visit Del Frisco’s website.

Image: Chicago Eater/Jason Little