Discover the Hottest Dinner Reservation in LA

According to the latest issue of the New Yorker, L.A. is not only one of the best cities to shop, but the dining experience is by far one of the greatest, with restaurants like LudoBites, Providence, Angelini Osteria, Urasawa, Piccolo and Echigo. One may not think of an underground supper club like chef Craig Thornton’s “Wolvesden” as a possible contender. However, Thorton’s Wolvesmouth dinners are in fact some of the very best in town and are highly regarded.

With Thorton at the top of the pile of underground dining in LA, the chef shared his key to success with Dana Goodyear of the New Yorker, explaining how he came from nothing and grew into excellence. As a child, Thorton was no stranger to food stamps, canned meat and a slew of processed food, while growing up with two parents that were abusive drug addicts. But he managed to set the bar high for his own standards by beating the odds and following his dreams.

Thorton still today climbs a very steep hill of success with his passion for the culinary arts, along with drive as a business owner. The Wolvesden features some of the very best food from course to course, so whether you’re interesting in a grand feast or a simple private dinner with friends it is by far the hottest reservation in LA.

Source: The New Yorker

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