See you later, Alligator – Nancy Gonzalez Personal Apperance at Saks next Friday 11/9

Exotic skins like croc and ostrich have a special place in Haute Living’s closet.  Timeless, elegant and excessively luxurious, who doesn’t need a croc handbag to pass down for generations.  And one the best artisans creating such bags out of the best skins is Nancy Gonzalez.

Nancy Gonzalez is best known for her innovative use of precious skins and distinct colors.  Bright, beautiful with painstakingly perfect finish.  Her bags are each handcrafted in her native Colombia by a team of local artisans with a remarkable manual ability of ancestral origin and a deep desire to achieve the highest quality.  In addition to promoting the cultural heritage of Columbia, Nancy herself is dedicated to enhancing her native community, committed especially to the wellbeing of her workers and their families.  She is a driving force for social change, employing almost entirely women and providing daycare for their children. She strives to provide her employees with dignity, optimism and structure by providing a rewarding work environment.

Join Haute Living on Friday, November 9 from 2-4pm on the first floor in the Handbag Department at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Nancy Gonzalez will be accompanied by a special 54-piece Resort Collection showcasing beautiful pastel colors, black & whites, and classic browns.  Many of the pieces will be one-of-a-kind and Nancy will be signing each purchased handbag during her visit, making the experience and the purchase extra special.