President Obama Celebrates Re-Election at McCormick Place

President Obama spent part of yesterday playing basketball in Chicago. On a stress-filled election day, I don’t blame him. As Election Day turned to Election Night, the mood grew serious in the campaign and the President spent much of the evening at the Fairmont hotel watching early results. Many of his supporters and volunteers were packed into the McCormick Place anxiously awaiting the election results and the arrival of the President. The event was packed, but it was nowhere near the spectacle four years ago in Grant Park, where hundreds of thousands of supporters packed the park to see the President on that historic night.

At McCormick Place, when it became clear that the President had won re-election the crowd cheered, hugged, cried and high-fived as President Obama eventually walked onto the stage to give his victory speech. It was a loud and boisterous event and the entire night was filmed and photographed for the world to share. No matter whom you voted for, I know we are all happy it’s over and we are free from terrible campaign ads for a while. In the President’s victory speech he stated that, “The best is yet to come.” Let’s all hope it’s true.

Images: Chicago Tribune