Jumpjet Chicago Announces Luxury Travel Club

Jumpjet CEO Will Ashcroft gathered some of Chicago’s Private Jet lovers into Bang & Olufsen to announce the company’s latest venture, and it was big. Ashcroft, who’s also a pilot, unveiled Jumpjet’s Luxury Travel Club. It’s a membership program that has four different packages at different price points that depends on how often you decide on flying. The program starts in December and allows members to fly from 40 U.S. cities to more than 750 locations.

Ashcroft also gave his opinion on the state of commercial flying while touting the convenience of Jumpjet’s new program saying, “The state of the first class flying experience today is just atrocious; we’re offering a proactive alternative that offers business and leisure travelers an extraordinary gain in their time, as well as a much more relaxing and luxurious traveling experience at a value proposition that just can’t be ignored. It’s the premier, affordable solution for the frustrated flyer.” (Burns TCWmag.com) I can agree with the atrocious state of some first class flights, it’s just basically the front of a plan with old leather seats.

To make this program affordable, Jumpjet has developed scheduling software that somehow allows for prices to be decent while still affording all the luxuries members are promised. The four packages range from $1,995 to $5,550 per month but you are getting a lot for your dollar.

As far as the event goes, Monika Dixon Public Relations and Rachel De Marte produced it, while Les Coney and Anthony Berg took care of the hosting duties. Guests were treated to Macanudo cigars, Grey Goose cocktails and treats from Sugar Hills Bakery.

Source: Cindy Burns/TCWmag.com

Photos:  Alec Benjamin Photog/Christopher Free/James Atkins