What’s On My Desk: Chef David Burke

Obviously, David Burke spends a lot of time in the kitchen—but don’t forget that the best Chef’s have plenty of work to do behind a desk as well. Here’s where the executive chef at David Burke Kitchen, David Burke Townhouse, Fishtail, and many more across the country keeps those delicious ideas coming.

1. CowParade.com – While traveling in Italy I came across these cow figurines and absolutely fell in love. Not only do they remind me of my bull, they are artistically painted and designed in the way I create a dish. This cow was given to me by the President of CowParade.com and stimulates my creative and artistic juices when I see it on my desk.

2. Illuminating plaque – This was a gift. I am now in the process of creating illuminating plates for some of my properties!

3. Idea wall – this is where I place upcoming restaurant ideas, food inspirations, family photos, industry articles, and anything else that inspires me on a daily basis.

4. Dale Chihuly painted clogs – What better than having your own pair of chefs clogs painted by the famous artist Dale Chihuly? Chihuly is a dear friend and offers another angle to the creative world. I am inspired by the colors, lines, dimension he uses in his artwork and translate it into my culinary creativity.

5. Children’s photos – I’m so happy to have my two sons working with me on a daily basis. Dillon Burke, the youngest, is a bartender at Fishtail by David Burke and Connor Burke, the oldest, works as a manager at David Burke Kitchen. I am privileged to have my two sons taking action and enjoying the business as much as I do. This definitely makes me very proud.