SBE Selects Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka as Spirits Partner

SBE, the leading creative hospitality company, has announced the addition of Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka to its portfolio of premium spirit partners. As a result of the selection, Le Grand Saint will now be featured in sbe’s acclaimed collection of hotel, restaurant and nightlife properties nationwide, which include SLS Hotels, Katsuya by Starck, The Bazaar by José Andrés and Hyde Lounge.

“Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka represents one of the most unique new entries into the marketplace with the potential to revolutionize mixology and the bottle service experience,” said Boe Trumbull, Senior Director of sbeGlobal in hotels, nightlife and restaurants. “Following our proprietary selection process, Le Grand Saint has proved to be not only an exquisite product, but a great brand to enhance our guests experience in a new category.”

Distilled from summer wheat grown in France, Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka adheres to the traditions of the finest champagne, while incorporating distinctive filtration and distillation techniques that give it a signature effervescent quality.

While sbe has evolved into an industry-leading hospitality company, sbeGlobal has been instrumental in that growth by creating dynamic partnerships with globally relevant brands. Through a strategic approach to partner relations, sbeGlobal provides on-premise programming in support of brand awareness and the guest experience. Company-wide initiatives creates access to unrivaled lifestyle experiences exclusive to sbe’s clientele.

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