Haute Restaurant: Chicago’s Next

Over the last year there has been plenty buzz over Next restaurant, 953 W Fulton, in Chicago. In an amazing food city such as Chicago, a year of continuous buzz is no small feat. Chef Dave Beran and his crew at Next have done something no one thought they could pull off, create an ambitious concept-driven menu full of luxurious decadence that changes every several months. They are trying to be the Chicago version of Spain’s famed and now-closed El Bulli. No small task, considering El Bulli is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the history of the Universe. Plus I watch Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Network, so I know how ridiculously decadent El Bulli was. But Next actually succeeded in creating a whirlwind, oft-changing, playground of culinary delights, earning itself a 29 out of 30 on the Zagat survey.

Now I know all of this has made you want to head out to the restaurant immediately, but it’s nowhere near that easy. Next has a  ticketing system for diners, you have to register online and get tickets. This isn’t a regular reservation, 100% of the price is due at time of ticketing and there are no refunds. But this is truly a one-of-a-kind culinary wonderland, so if I were you I would register for a ticket and enjoy the experience.

Images: Chicago Eater