CartelArts’ ‘Mutual Consent’ Draws Hollywood Elite

CartelArts’ ‘Mutual Consent’ was a hot event in mid-September as Steven Hawthorne, CartelArt’s founder, invited Hollywood’s elite to the hottest art exhibition in West Hollywood.

Guests like Bai Ling, Josh Duhamel, Fergie, Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg viewed art pieces by the CartelArt collective: Mark Evans, Jordi Molla, Antonio del Prete and Harry Abbou, landscaped on the four stories of the modern estate.

If this week’s showing of CartelArt proves a preface of things to come, then this group is definitely one to keep on the art radar as a burgeoning powerhouse in the industry. Indeed, with international exhibits planned for 2013, including: Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and South America, the global fan base is bound to grow exponentially, and the value of the work in the next months will undoubtedly rise as well.

“There is huge interest in Asia,” said artist Antonio del Prete. “There are a growing number of collectors in that region, and we are looking forward to meet them in the first quarter of 2013 when CartelArt showcases the works on the continent.”

The‘Mutual Consent’ Exhibit showcasing some of the CARTELART artists’ works will be on display in West Hollywood until Oct. 14, and is by appointment only. For more information, photos or press inquiries, visit:, or call (323) 443-5757.