Urania Gazelli Clutch Bags Now Available At Harvey Nichols Dubai

The fun and practical luxury clutch bags by designer Urania Gazelli are now available Harvey Nichols in Dubai.  Inspired by feminine sense of practicality, Gazalli’s design philosophy melds futurism with classicism. Her handcrafted clutch bags are created in her homeland of Greece and are made using fine materials and finished with the brand’s signature gold sign inside the bag.

Each clutch bag is made with Plexiglas material and combines bronze metal in some detailing. A wide variety of colors are available allowing for use at a range of social occasions. The designer is also planning for a more complete collection not only with her clutch bags, but also including day bags, bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and some special outfits all using Plexiglas as main material.