Top 5 Delis in San Francisco

A.G. Ferrari Foods
468 Castro Street
San Francisco, Ca
Phone: 415-255-6590

A.G. Ferrari is one of San Francisco’s most delectable high-end delis. They offer a tempting selection of sandwiches, available grilled or cold, on various types of bread and with assorted fixings. All of the Italian basics are ready to be devoured: cheese, wine and pastas, along with antipasti and other great specialty dishes.

1200 Irving Street (Between
Funston Ave & 14Th Ave)
San Francisco, Ca
Phone: 415-661-3220

Andronico’s is a hidden gem. The hot food section, where you can create your own lunch or dinner with freshly prepared meals of the day, boasts a great selection of amazing dishes. Even so, the cold food selection is equally satisfying. You can’t go wrong with a good baguette, fresh ingredients, tasty cheese and delicious Mendocino mustard. Don’t forget to explore the pastry shop.

Rincon Market
98 Howard St
San Francisco, CA

Foodies unite at this staple deli. A fresh, fully stocked salad bar makes for the perfect midday meal. Complement your salad with one of the many options of hearty soups for a perfect pairing. With so many options, Rincon Market is a fresh food spot you’ll never get tired of.

City Gourmet
590 3Rd St (Between Brannan
St & Varney Pl)
San Francisco, Ca
Phone: 415-543-3436

City Gourmet is a great lunch deli serving up tasty Arabic food. Known for their amazing gyros and fast service, this family-owned restaurant offers everything home cooked and fresh. City Gourmet does them right, starting with excellent bread—sour dough rolls and the Dutch crunch are super. The portions are generous, with no skimping on the high-quality meats.

DeLessio Market & Bakery
1695 Market St (Between
Gough St & Valencia St)
San Francisco, Ca
Phone: 415-552-5559

DeLessio is a classic San Francisco deli, offering great food, charming decor and excellent service. From their quiches to their desserts, you can taste the pride they take in the quality and flavor of their food. DeLessio has personality, both in its food and its surroundings.