UberCab for on demand private cars of your choice

So you’ve had one too many martoonis at this-week’s-charity gala but the idea of hailing a cab is reserved for those who aren’t wearing Nina Ricci ballgowns or Tom Ford custom-made tuxedos.  For those without private drivers on call, UberCab is a company that provides this service hassle-free and tech-friendly.

This San Francisco start-up has been around since 2010 and expanded to a multitude of places.  By downloading their app, filling out some simple information, one never has to call a dispatcher or queue up.  Instead through the app, it finds out your location and then you simply click that you need a driver.  Within 5-10 minutes, a black town car arrives ready to take you anywhere you go.  The prices are extremely reasonable, about twice the cost of a cab, but there really is no price on comfort is there.

What’s making news now is that you can choose what kind of car picks you up.  Whether it be the classic black town car or a SUV that fit up to 6 (perfect for when that July 4th BBQ up on someone’s Marina roofdeck gets a bit