The Top 10 Restaurants in LA with the Hottest Servers

L.A. can sometimes be infamous for some of the world’s most beautiful people, so much that many could agree that LA is just simply gorgeous. But it more than a stereotype, even servers in restaurants and bars in L.A. are looking even hotter. So if you’re ever in the mood for good food and eye candy as well, here are the 10 restaurants that have the hottest servers in L.A.

1) The Churchill: West Third Street has never looked better with beautiful waitresses and waiters that are very chiseled, not to mention wonderful lighting throughout the establishment adding on to the very beauty of the servers.

2) Edendale: This Silver Lake spot features an abundance of tall, thin and freckled servers perfect for casting in any movie.

3) The Little Door: All the servers are adorable with French speaking accents that makes every guests visit a Mediterranean-French experience.

4) Gjelina: It seems like everyone down to the cook and barmen are irresistible with their good looks.

5) Indian Restaurant: Great food and hospitality served by Taiwanese servers dressed as sexy Native Americans. Many would call this the Taiwanese Hooters.

6) The Tasting Kitchen: A Venice feeling as soon as you walk in with vibes of the beach with scruff, tousled hair and long, dark eyelashes.

7) Picca: This place heats things up with sexy, exotic bartenders, management and hostesses, making the entrance even warmer when you come in.

8) Sotto: Sources say that someone from America’s Next Top Model is one of the servers, so you could only imagine how the other servers look.

9) BierBeisl: A very new Austrian restaurant full with pretty ladies to help provide the very best service in between your enjoyment of the wiener schnitzel.

10) WP24: The waitstaff and servers make this sleek Downtown spot the very best with a breath-taking city view.

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