Tami Morris and Katy Palermo

There’s a few famous sibling duos that have managed to do it right. The Cohen brothers. The Wilsons. The Cusacks. And the sisters of Bella Rose jewelry. Tami Morris and Katy Palermo already have the necklines of some of the most recognizable people on the planet adorned in their one-of-a-kind pieces (Johnny Depp and Anne Rice, for example), and it’s no wonder why. Where others create costume jewelry with plasticine pieces and glass jewels, these Italian sisters are digging up 100 year old European holy medals from their mother’s collection or elsewhere to lend credence to their stunning pieces. The result is authentic, breathtaking, blurring the lines of history and modernity seamlessly and bewitchingly. You can find their pieces now at SWAG at Northpark Center.