Betsy Russell

Betsy Russell is best known for her starring role in the Saw films as the Jigsaw Killer’s ex-wife. The last film in the installation, which will be in 3D, is set to be released at the end of October. With her stunning good looks and passion to succeed, Betsy Russell moved to Los Angeles during her teenage years to pursue her dream of acting. This realization was sparked by a gig she’d landed in a Pepsi commercial in her hometown of San Diego.

Throughout various movie and television appearances, including a star role in 1983’s Private School, Russell kept herself busy with jobs. It wasn’t until a visit to the infamous Playboy Mansion that she would meet her now ex-husband, actor and tennis player Vincent Van Patten. Together, they have two sons. Aside from Saw 3D, Russell will be appearing in this year’s Unearthed, a SyFy adventure television film, as well as Chain Letter, a horror flick.