NM Luxury Essentials – Must Haves for Summer Effortlessness

Just in time for summer fun (going to Stimson beach in your Missoni Maxi is just over the top–save it for St. Barths), Neiman Marcus introduced a new collection of wardrobe basics that have been completely overhauled.  Neiman upgraded the drab white T-shirt with high-quality fabric, including silk, linen and cotton blends.  These combinations feel great against the skin but are still durable enough to get washed in the machine.  NM also modernized the shape with expert draping and flattering cuts so each piece fits like a dream.  The best part is that this line has a rainbow of the hottest trend colors (hello tangerine!) as well as classic Brenton stripes that have one neon stripe for that on trend nod.

These are everyday pieces that you can just slip on to run errands or wear under a tailored blazer for a night out.  NM Lux Essentials  include tanks, drapey tops, 3/4 sleeve length tees and classic ts with an assortment of necklines.  Before the sun sets tonight, after all it’s the longest day in the year today, stop into Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek or San Francisco to update your T-shirt collection with these amazing pieces.  The prices range from $85 – $190.  Then go hit the beach in that new comfortable metallic striped tank without having to worry about dry cleaning after a bonfire filled night!