Haute Fashion Daily: Sarah Jessica Parker Praises Fendi Baguette Bag for Inspiring Sex & The City Fashion

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has spoken out about how the famous Fendi Baguette marked a ‘defining moment’ for her character Carrie in the hit television show Sex and the City. Originally designed in 1997, the Fendi Baguette was an instant hit in the fashion world and won Fendi an award in 2000 for excellence in accessory design.

Since it’s launch, the Fendi Baguette has been produced in 700 variations with different fabrics, colors and embellishments. In a new book that pay tribute to the Baguette purse, style experts discuss how the classic handbag helped to propel Sex and the City and its protagonist Carrie into “new territory.”

According to Parker, “It really opened the floodgates and influenced the storyline – especially Carrie’s habit of spending more money on fashion than her home. I have very sentimental feelings toward the Baguette. My very first Baguette was olive-green satin, with beautiful floral beading, a red snakeskin strap and a colorful interior lining. I used it for everything.”


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