Haute Eat: Ruth’s Chris at The Address Dubai Marina

Renowned for its generous and decadent portions of juicy steak and hearty American cuisine, Ruth’s Chris now has a new home at The Address Dubai Marina. Founded in 1965 by Ruth Fertel, a single mother of two, the restaurant originated from a humble location on Broad Street in New Orleans. Over the last four decades, Ruth’s Chris has grown to 122 locations across the United States and all over the world, including two venues in Dubai. This much-loved and heartwarming restaurant oozes American spirit and charm. Its latest venue boasts a vibrant new lounge area, reportedly the first in the world for the chain, swanky sophisticated surroundings set out of sharp reds, black and whites and expert staff.

Venturing into Ruth’s Chris new Dubai Marina venue is like stepping into a dim-lit fancy New York City restaurant. Soft lighting, tall red booths and typical white table clothed tables set the scene and echo the old-school charm of the original restaurant – except up a few notches. We’re in Dubai and that means that all things must be bigger, grandeur and most certainly, more luxurious. The new Ruth’s Chris echoes the Dubain’s love for high-end extremity yet provides an elegant personal touch. My guest and I sat first at the bar and where we were treated to the friendly service of the barmen who served us apertifs based on our preference. Two utterly fruity cocktails were prepared on the spot and mixed with pomegranate and fresh berries. So sweet and flavorful they were that we hardly tasted the alcohol – certainly a decadent way to cleanse the palette for our meal.

Seated within a tall red booth which subtly enclosed us away from the nearby tables, we had privacy away from the bustling and filled dining room which, we remarked, was almost completely full for a Tuesday night just weeks after the restaurant had opened. A welcome scene pervaded the ambiance with happy diners clinking glasses and pleasurably consuming their meal. A friendly and knowledgeable waiter guided us through our options while we decided upon two glasses of full-bodied Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale Oro from Ruffino, Italy. Tasty starters of Mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat and Sizzlin’ Jumbo scallops were swiftly brought to the table. The crabmeat was an immediate winner and delectably combined offered soft, sweet jumbo crab stuff within a broiled mushroom cap and sprinkled with salty romano cheese. The jumbo shrimps were lightly blackened and served chewy, moist and with a delicious sprinkling of parsley pesto and a touch of smooth punchy lemon butter. Our main course of filet of beef and caper dill sea bass arrived soon after accompanied by broccoli au gratin, mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms. The beef was deliciously crispy on the outside and tender and chewy on the inside – certainly proof that one can never go wrong with steak from Ruth’s Chris. The seabass wasn’t up to standard and proved a bit disappointing. Bland and lacking in flavor, it seems silly to state that it was a bit too fishy in taste, but the sauce could have been more expertly executed to heighten and provide a more contrasting flavor. Rich, smooth and buttery, the mashed potatoes were divine and a rare treat to find done so well in Dubai. The broccoli au gratin dripped with decadent strings of delicious rich hot cheese which melted in our mouths bursting with flavor. The sauteed mushrooms were done just right – still intact, chewy and full of salty and rustic flavoring.

Onto the most sinful part of the meal: the dessert. We couldn’t surpass Ruth’s Chris’s famous cheesecake, especially after the restaurant’s manager boasted of its exceptional and superb constituency. Unlike any I have ever tasted, this cheesecake is a heavenly concoction of thick, creamy filling dribbled with a zip of lemon and accentuated by the sweet and crumbly base. Divine and certainly just as much a reason of coming to the restaurant as for the steaks themselves.

While we were concluding our meal, a waiter dropped a red rose off for my guest and I. A standard practice for female diners, the manager asserted. We left feeling pleasantly filled and utterly charmed by the impeccable service and friendly staff. Ruth’s Chris is a much-needed addition to Dubai Marina’s culinary landscape and merits many returns.

The Address Dubai Marina, +971 44549538 www.ruthschris.com