Uniqlo Opens First West Coast Flagship

Uniqlo has been all the rage since it opened its three stores in Manhattan.  Now it is riding that wave and heading out west with a new flagship store in San Francisco, right next to its rival Gap on 111 Powell St.

The trendy and affordable Japanese brand has popped up in magazines like GQ for a few months now and it was only inevitable for a US expansion.  The move to San Francisco this fall is only the first step in the conquest of American retailing from Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing Co.  The brand plans on opening hundreds of stores across the nation in malls and cities in the coming years.

Uniqlo has gained traction in the US with its eye for up to date trends and then flipping them into mass produced ready-to-wear clothing lines such as the Cordlane Jacket, which has slim lapels and cut design.

The location of the San Francisco store is notable because it is parked next to Gap and H&M, which are seen as direct rivals.  Let the retail store battle for San Francisco supremacy begin!

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Source: SFist