Haute Event: DJ Mick Boogies Birthday Celebration at The Darby With Run DMC

On March 28th, 2012 Superstar DJ Mick Boogie held an exclusive birthday bash was at the Darby Downstairs. Sponsored by MEDEA vodka & Esquire magazine, with music spun by Terry Urban, Manaero and Sal Morale.

Guest included (bachelor contestant) Jenna Burke, Robert Brace (Foodnetwork trainer), Mel Debarge, Camilla Romstrand (Eddie the Gun lead singer), Derek Warburton (celebrity stylist), and Albert Reed (model/Dancing with the Stars), who all enjoyed the surprise performance by DMC, and drank MEDEA & Redbull. Mick Boogie was also spotted last night DJ’ing the star studded Bravo up fronts.