Haute Beauty Secrets in SF – Eyelash Extensions for Everyday Glam!

Waking up with perfect doe-eyed appeal is the goal many women.   Once the secret of Hollywood’s best fluttering eyes like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, the trick is eyelash extensions and it’s a beauty trend that just burst on to the San Francisco scene. Yet while it’s obvious we all want to be camera ready for Drew Altizer, many of the eyelash extension clients in San Francisco are busy moms, overworked professionals like doctors or tech professionals who don’t have the time to primp every morning but need something to distract from those tired eyes.  This is truly wake up and go glamor.

The haute way and only way to do it is with authentic Mink hairs.   A unique aspect of the mink lashes, as opposed to silk or other synthetic options, is that they are fine and lightweight enough to attach multiple extensions per lash.  The most important thing when selecting an eyelash technician is to ensure that they are meticulous in installing these tiny fine hairs.  They have to slowly but surely dip each hair in glue and then attach painstakingly to each one of your eyelashes.  One by one.  This usually takes at least several hours and they need to have an artistic vision to ensure you don’t look wonky.

Haute Living loves MN Lash in Marina.  Michelle Nicole has been doing it for several years now and started in the Santa Cruz area.  She takes her time, usually around 2 hours and attaches almost hundred mink hairs to each eye.  What sets her apart is that she will attach one on the left eye, then one of the right, back and forth, to ensure an even, natural look.   Better yet, MN Lash is perfect for all the techiphiles in the bay area since she relies mostly on online booking.  No annoying receptionist or miscommunication since everyone gets an online email confirmation.  These fluttering eyes last about 3-4 weeks before you need to schedule in another hour long refill session. Michelle Nicole gives her expert advice about care and even what kind to install since even though minks are fabulous for their layering capacity, this is a special occasion set and only sustainable on the healthiest of lashes.

MN Lash has graciously offered a special discount for Haute Living readers for the next month good at time of booking until June 1st, 2010.  The platinum mink service where there are up to 100 lashes per eye is usually $375 but use CODE HauteLiving when scheduling your appointment and it’s a mere $200 just to try it out.    Refills are either $85 for 60 minutes or $105 for more than 75 minutes of lash filling fun.

Michelle Nicole Studio
2155 Union Street Suite 6
415. 424. 4765