Haute 100 New York Updates: Lauren Bush Lauren Partners with Godiva on Philanthropy Initiative

Yesterday, Apr. 17, Godiva Chocolatier unveiled its new global, corporate philanthropy initiative, “The Lady Godiva Program.” The program intends to “celebrate inspirational women around the world who embody the attributes of Lady Godiva through selflessness, generosity, leadership and the spirit of giving-back to the community,” according to a Godiva statement.

The chocolatier’s first national honoree ? None other than FEED Projects LLC CEO and Haute 100 lister Lauren Bush Lauren.  As part of the program, Godiva will partner with Lauren and sell “FEED 10 tote bags” ($15). The totes are produced in Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified women-run garment factory in Liberia. Additionally, each bag sold will help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in providing 10 school meals for children in Africa. Sounds like a sweet partnership.