Dior to Publish Online Magazine in Mandarin to Appeal to Asian Luxury Market

Image: soblacktie.com

Dior is taking direct aim at the Asian luxury market by releasing a third edition of their online magazine in Mandarin. Scheduled for release during the week that Dior will present a haute couture collection for the first time in Shanghai, DiorMag is expected to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the collection.

French fashion house Christian Dior is joining the masses by improving their marketing techniques within the Asian luxury market. DiorMag, an online magazine published by Dior, will release their third edition in Mandarin and provide readers with an exclusive look at the brand’s haute couture collection, which they will be showcasing for the first time in Shanghai the same week the issue is launched.

Christine Kirk, founder and CEO of Social Muse Communications based in Sherman Oaks, CA, said, “For a global fashion brand like Dior, you cannot be in the luxury industry and ignore China. China has become a world hub for luxury brands because there is demand there,” she said. “Affluent Chinese buyers look to luxury brands when making their purchases so this is a natural fit for Dior.” Though Kirk is not affiliated with Dior, she commented as an industry expert.

DiorMag will provide daily coverage on the haute couture line that will be released in China for the first time. Originally launched in March to position itself as a “storyteller, entertainer and purveyor of the height of luxury products, the magazine will give readers a backstage look at the brand, include pictures of celebrity guests, articles, current news and product galleries.

“With one of the world’s largest populations, buying power in China is extraordinary,” Kirk said. “Delivering Dior to the Chinese consumer in a digital format they expect will positively impact Dior’s bottom line overall. Asian countries have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and innovation,” she said. “The Chinese consumer is used to receiving their information on-the-go and in a mobile or online environment.”

New York-based premium and luxury brand digital strategist, Vic Drabicky, added, “The digital channel is cheaper and quicker than any other option, so from that standpoint, digital is by far the right way to go. I would also say most luxury brands tend to lag behind the overall marketplace when it comes to digital marketing. Perhaps this is Dior noticing that trend and trying to adopt the digital channel quicker than their competitors.”

Source: Luxury Daily