Silk Shoes Once Worn By Marie Antoinette Sell For $57,000 At French Auction

A pair of silk mules believed to have been worn by the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, were sold for a whopping $57,000 at an auction of French Revolution artifacts Saturday in Toulon, France. The expected sale price was a mere $5,000.

It is thought that the infamous Austrian-born Antoinette wore the white silk shoes decorated with tricolour pleated ribbons  at national day celebrations on July 14, 1790. They are a size 36.5, which was Antoinette’s shoe size.

Antoinette was the subject of deep resentment in France during the revolution due to her known extravagance. She and her children were executed by the guillotine in October 1793 for treason.

Source: Luxuo