Russian Street Artist P183 Gains International Recognition


Being compared to world-renowned British Street artist Bansky, P183 is a Russian street artist who is taking the world by storm ever since his work across Moscow began gaining recognition through the internet.

Though some of his work has been painted over by Russian authorities, street artist P183 is garnering world recognition. After images of his artwork hit the internet, P183 began being known as the “Russian Bansky,” because of his subversive graffiti work. Though the artist doesn’t really agree with the comparison, P183 has told Russian reporters, “Bansky does interesting things, but he is a monopolist.” He says his inspiration stems from the work of Russian musicians Yegor Letov and Konstantin Kinchev.

Reports indicate that P183 prefers to do his work at night. He explains this by saying, “There’s a palpable feeling, a night silence. I think this silence and the loneliness it implies are important to a lot of artists, but it’s very difficult to convey. When I’m alone, my thoughts can actually leave my body and escape onto the wall.”

“What I do is more social commentary than political,” P183 explained. “What’s most important is to represent the atmosphere in Moscow and to find the wall that is right for each piece. We don’t need to tag the Kremlin. The suburbs will do just fine.”

Source: SMH

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