Museum Boom Occurring in Russia


Russia is experiencing an increase in museums, both physical and virtual. Currently there are around 3,000 museums throughout the country and a large number of museums are also available on CDs and on the web.

Moscow has just received a new state-owned museum in the wake of what some are calling a museum boom in Russia. Clearly becoming more popular with Russians, museums are sprouting throughout the county with admission fees significantly lowers than what patrons pay for theater shows or concerts.

Despite an overall increase of museums in Russia, some areas of the vast county do not have a museum for miles around. There are currently around 3,000 museums in Russia, however, in comparison, much smaller Germany has about double that number.

Experts say that despite the “boom,” there are still too few museums in Russia and that a country with “centuries-old artistic traditions” deserves many more.

Iosif Bakstein, a fine arts expert, said, “The current museum boom in Russia can be explained by the fact that young people are becoming increasingly interested in art. Young people from the middle class, mainly, urban residents, are becoming more interested in contemporary art. Small wonder they tend to visit museums and exhibitions more often.”

The new museum that just opened in Moscow will be a branch of the State Center of Contemporary Art. In addition to many state-owned museums, Russia also has many privately owned ones too.

Source: The Voice of Russia

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