Japan to Open Overseas Shopping Areas Named after Tokyo Fashion Districts

Image: revistaml.com

In an effort to push cultural promotion, Japan will export fashion streets named after famous districts in Tokyo. The country is making plans to open overseas shopping areas called Harajuku, Ginza and more.

A “match-making” forum will occur next month between domestic retailers with outlets in foreign markets and smaller firms. Trend-setting fashion districts like Harajuku and Ginza will be lending their name to overseas shopping centers in an effort to both promote Japanese culture and reignite the country’s economy. The Harajuku Street Style mini-commercial hub opened in October in Singapore and has become extremely popular among young people. Ginza, another high-end center, features numerous luxury brands stores.

The program will target overseas markets like China, South Korea, India, France and the U.S.

Yusuke Kawamura, senior counselor at Daiwa Institute of Research, said, “Young people in Asia, the United States and some European nations really admire Japan’s design and fashion sense. Thus, the idea of exporting shopping areas to other countries is good. Clothes and other goods sold at small boutiques tend to be more popular products from large brands.”

The Japanese economic ministry notes that small businesses don’t necessarily have the capital or knowledge to expand internationally, so the initiative is key to kick start an expansion.

Source: AsiaOne