Hermes Loses China Trademark Dispute


Though unlikely to affect Hermes’ popularity among wealthy Chinese consumers, the French fashion house has lost a trademark dispute that it was engaged in with Guangdong Province-based menswear maker Dafeng Garment Factory.

Last weekend, Chinese media reported that Hermes had lost its battle against clothing company Dafeng Garment Factory, based in Guangdong Province. The Chinese company had registered a trademark similar to the Chinese language name of Hermes, which Hermes believed could confuse Chinese customers. Hermes registered its brand in China back in 1977, according to reports; however, they did not register the Chinese name at the same time, which was one of the deciding factors of this case.

Haute Living previously reported another trademark dispute in China involving Apple’s use of the name ‘iPad’, which is yet to be resolved.

Source: Financial Times