Haute Toys: Stair Lift for Dogs

You’ve probably heard of stair lifts for humans, but now a prototype for a dog stair lift is in the works. The developer plans on pricing it at £5,000 with hopes that it will resonate with the dog-loving community.

Despite dog obesity actually being on the rise, a prototype of a dog stair lift is being made and manufacturers are hoping that it will become extremely popular among animal lovers.

The machine, designed by MORE TH>N, features a ‘paw push’ start button so that dog can activate it with a simple outstretched leg. There is a plastic basket that then raises several feet off the ground transporting the dog up (or down) the stairs.

Obesity levels in dogs continue to rise with 52% of dogs expected to be severely overweight by 2022. The “Stair of the Dog 2022” concept has been in development for approximately six months.

Source: Daily Mail