Haute Toys: GRAFF’s New Collection AQUA-SENSE

Image: kbbonline.com

Worldwide manufacturer of innovative bathroom systems has a new collection called AQUA-SENSE, which is expected to become the future of shower design.

Introducing a full sensory experience, AQUA-SENSE is a shower system that was inspired by innovative design and sustainability with the feeling of luxury that comes from a spa. The new collection was exhibited on the GRAFF jewel-stand in Bologna and features elements of design that make it stand apart from the rest: an electronic system with ceiling mounted shower heads, RGB effect, speakers and touch-screen, a waterfall, a wall-mounted cascade and rainfall shower-head and a wall-mounted cascade and rainfall with RGB LED shower head.

GRAFF manufacturing systems are based on an innovative concept of Lean Manufacturing Management that eliminates excessive consumption of time, energy and material while attaining high efficiency standards. In line with the American company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, GRAFF uses a zero-System that recycles 100% of brass and paper.

The electronic system that features a ceiling mounted shower head has RGB LED that changes color. The system is controlled by a touch-screen and has an interface that can control water functions, color changes, music and even videos. There is a wall-mounted USB port so users can easily use their iPod. It is also equipped with a hand shower, polished stainless steel and ceiling-installed speakers.

The wall-mounted waterfall system can be placed in the shower environment and function as a shower head that works with GRAFF thermostatic product ranges.

Sales Director of GRAFF Europe, Emanuela Tavolini, said, “Our new collections cross design borders. The finish choices, the chromatic effects and the technological solutions are amazing and are designed for the clientele looking for a completely new and original product. Our design is able to create something very unique.”

Source: Ceramic Industries