DAVID HEIL: David August has all the right fabrics

For a well-appointed man, it’s as important to be smart as it is to be stylish. Choosing the proper fabrics for your custom pieces is actually the most important factor in creating flawless, long-lasting apparel.

In the case of shirts and suits, there are many different fabrics to choose from. One of my favorite materials for a quality men’s suit is wool. The characteristics are ideal: wool is a natural and durable fiber that breathes well, always preserves its original shape and happens to look very sharp. Not to mention that wool is naturally water and dirt resistant.

Options for wool-inclusive fabrics vary depending on the occasion for the suit and the climate it will be worn in. One such option is Wool Crepe, a lightweight fabric with a crinkly aesthetic. Another is High Twist, a fine fabric with a lighter build than crepe. These fabrics are lovely choices for spring, summer and fall, but lack the insulation to be proper protection from harsh winter weather.

Another option is Wool Lycra Terylene fabric. Manmade lycra adds a stretch element to the wool, making it more flexible, comfortable and wrinkle resistant.

As members of an extremely fast-paced society, we must adapt to keep up with the swiftness of the times in all aspects of our lives, including our apparel.

High technology fabrics are ideal for the modern man; they make clothing durable, wrinkle resistant and stain repellent. The benefits of using high tech fabrics also include easy maintenance—don’t be surprised when your iron is dusty and you forget what street your dry cleaner is on. These highperformance fabrics are ultra comfortable and resilient, ideal for traveling; non-wrinkle threads pack perfectly and require little care.
Amongst these wonder fabrics is Tencel, an environmentally-conscious soft fabric made from wood fibers. Ultrex is another material with perks: it’s waterproof, windproof and a very breathable fabric that lets vapor out without letting any moisture in.

As society advances, so does the fabric industry, which makes it easy for the sophisticated man to fully envelope himself in a busy and productive lifestyle while still looking sharp.

At David August, we know that our pieces need to be as sophisticated, strong and realistic as our clients are, so understanding fabric performance is vital.

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