Bottega Veneta Cocco Nature Duo Bag

Images: Bottega Veneta

Consisting of two round-edged envelopes brought together to produce a magnificently spacious and glamorous handbag, the Bottega Veneta Cocco Nature Duo bag is the perfect combination of clever design and luxurious craftsmanship.

The Bottega Veneta Cocco Nature Duo Bag brings back the uncommon glamour of glossy crocodile. Designed with two round-edged envelopes brought together, the bag also features a center pocket that does not close, making the piece especially roomy. The bag also has reinforced grommets that allow the adjustment chain handle to pull through easily and an intricate ad insert detailing on the seams of the bag, a hidden magnetic closure and a sheathed mirror accessory.

The purse measures around 12.2” x 7.5”, is lined with suede and costs $16,950.

Source: Luxury Launches