Luxury Cars Still a Popular Purchase for Britain’s Wealthiest

Image: Hot Car Zone

As British luxury car dealer H.R. Owen prepares to unveil a new Bentley model tomorrow, many are wondering who buys these luxury cars during tough economical times? For starters, Britain’s wealthy do.

H.R. Owen has been in business for 80 years, and to celebrate, they have decided to mark the occasion with the unveiling of a new Bentley model. According to the luxury car dealer, Bentley’s are still selling quite well in the UK, thanks to repeat wealthy customers.

CEO of H.R. Owen, Joe Doyle, recently said that business is good, despite economic woes for many people. According to Doyle, repeat customers are a great resource for luxury vehicle sales and contrary to popular belief, the very, very wealthy people at the upper end of the market are not really that affected by a recession.

Doyle says that working within the economic wealth of the London bubble helps to keep H.R. Owen in business. “When the manufacturers are releasing new models, they’re innovative, and they’ve got desirability,” says Doyle.

Source: Business Insider

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