Haute Toys: Eco-Friendly M55 Hybrid Electric Bikes

Image: M55 Bike

M55 has launched a limited edition collection of hybrid electric bicycles that are eco-friendly and luxurious at the same time. This Haute Toy is perfect for anyone who likes to stay stylish while remaining environmentally- and health-conscious.

Based in Budapest, M55 has launched the limited edition M55 Terminus, a sleek, eco-friendly and luxurious bike featuring an aluminum frame base and an electric motor that can be turned on and off as the rider likes.

An e-bike is a special type of bike that uses electric power to support human power. Hybrid bikes are a subgroup of e-bikes that use electricity as well, but it only works when the person riding is pedaling, supporting the human effort, so the experience is not ruined but “made easier, faster and more fun.”

There are currently five different editions of the M55 e-bike, all with a personalized plate, and buyers are able to hand pick most of the bicycle’s features. The editions include the Classic, the Biceps, the Royal, the Airbrush and the Prime.

The Classic is the cleanest representative of M55’s six-year evolution, equipped with White Brothers double crown form, silver colored CNC 7075 aluminum, a carbon-fiber battery container and fenders. The Classic starts from € 25,555 ($36.200).

The Biceps is M55’s patented single-arm front-suspension design built for smooth travel. It features a rigid CNC machined aluminum base reinforced with carbon fiber. This edition has a prime advantage with the elimination of brake-drive effect, enhancing safety while braking, especially on steep slopes. The Biceps edition starts at € 28,888 ($38.500).

The Royal edition features shining Swarovski crystals, gemstones of your choice (even diamonds) and gold or silver carbon textures. This edition starts at € 28,888 ($38.500).

The Airbrush edition has the option of being enhanced by an airbrush artist with a tagline, a name, a logo or a full-surface texture, depending on preference. M55’s website notes, “with this edition, the Terminus becomes a ‘white canvas’ that is covered with our client’s imagination”.  The Airbrush starts at € 28,888 ($38.500).

The Prime is the ‘no limit’ version of the Terminus – meaning whatever the client wants, the client gets, including a combination of the Biceps, Royal and Airbrush edition in one bike. The Prime is exclusively produced one-of-a-kind models for V.I.Ps.

M55 Bike donates € 555 to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s actions for the preservation of the environment when a piece of M55 Terminus is sold.

As for maintenance costs, the company says that aren’t many. You do not have to fill it with gas and the parts are durable. Costs really only include the price of electricity used during charging. The battery lasts for 44 km on full throttle, but can go as far as 100 km if used in Economy drive mode.

The bikes are designed for off-road use, but can also be enjoyed on paved surfaces.

Only 275 Terminus bikes will be manufactured.

Source: Luxury Insider