Hugo Boss/Luxury Attaché/Haute Living Hosts the Return of Rock/Freak with DJ Cassidy and Questlove Tomorrow Night at Lavo NYC

Tomorrow night Haute Living teams up with Luxury Attaché and Hugo Boss to host Rock/Freak with DJ Cassidy and Questlove at LAVO– sure to be the hautest party of Fashion Week. And probably the century.

Assemble your glow sticks, find your slotted shades and start stretching because these two talents are about to present the end-all-be-all of dance parties. Tomorrow night, Feb. 15 will be the re-launching of Rock/Freak and the premiere of the party in its new space LAVO.

Amped up with serious momentum– that is: the Super Bowl, performing with Jay-Z at Carnegie Hall and then presenting at the Grammys–we are sure that Questlove will be bringing a tangible energy to the turntables. Picking up where we left off before, Cassidy weighed in:

“Between the amazing people that Questlove is around and works with and the amazing people that I work with, and, of course, the amazing people who go to LAVO on a regular basis, I think the three parties coming together is going to really be a one of a kind act and a one of a kind experience with a crowd that you can only see on a Rock/Freak night,” said the DJ.

Amazing, indeed.

“I think what Questlove and I offer with Rock/Freak is a unique and a rare chance to experience all kinds of music and all kinds of people one day on the floor,” DJ Cassidy continued. “And it’s rare that you get, these days, Questlove and me in one DJ booth for five straight hours. Just pouring our hearts into the turntables. And that’s really what it is. It’s really, really a fun and passionate time for me and him. It’s something that we both look forward to. And he DJs hundreds of days and so do I, but there’s something special about this”

As such, Haute Living couldn’t be prouder to present such a labor of love from two extremely talented individuals. “You know, in Fashion Week you walk around, [and] you just see some kind of flavor in the air. So I think that [Haute Living, Luxury Attaché and Hugo Boss] are all going to bring their own unique flavor and make this party even more special for its first LAVO appearance,” DJ Cassidy said.

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