Haute Auto: Last Factory Built Aston Martin One-77 for Sale

Image: AutoBlog

If you’ve been considering buying an Aston Martin One-77, this may be your last chance to get your hands on a new one. The very last factory-built One-77 is in Tampa Bay, Florida and it is finally up for sale.

Aston Martin created 77 Aston Martin One-77 models and extremely wealthy buyers purchased the first and last (1 and 77) vehicles in the collection while the other 75 One-77s were also snagged up relatively quickly… except one. There is one final factory-built Aston Martin One-77 for sale and it is reported to cost around $2 million.

There are around five to eight One-77 supercars currently on the streets in the United States making it one of the most rare Aston Martins there is. If you happen to be in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, or are willing to travel there, you can still get your hands on the luxurious vehicle, but hurry because it probably won’t last long.

Source: Auto Blog