Antoine Verglas: Glamour 
at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will present “Glamour”, the solo exhibition of Antoine Verglas, showcasing 15 photographs by the artist that conveys his iconic glamour style through celebrity portraits of figures such as Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Hurley, and Monica Bellucci.

Antoine Verglas was born is Paris France where he studied at the prestigious E.S.C school of Business and worked in media as a host to a popular French television show. In the 90s Antoine Verglas introduced a documentary style of glamour photography to rising stars like Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Cindy Crawford. He pictured top models at home in very personal portraits just as they were reaching celebrity status.

Since then, Verglas has experienced a rapidly growing portfolio of celebrities, fashion, and magazine covers, remaining true to the intimate style that has become the Verglas signature. His works has appeared in Elle, Esquire, GQ, Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Vogue. Very few photographers will ever change the way an industry looks at itself.

Antoine Verglas did just that with the glamour industry and he does it on an artistic level. Verglas likes the true and natural beauty he brings out the full sensual potential in any woman with a clear definition and quality unique only to his eye. His photographs resonate with the need for our engagement and our emotional participation, impelling the audience to steal another intimate glance at the subjects with its mixture of sophistication and passionate innocence.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is a new and rapidly expanding contemporary art gallery, with the focus of representing emerging artists who produce works through the varied media of photography, videos, and installations. .

Antoine Verglas: Glamour 
will run Thursday, February 16, 2012 – Saturday, March 10, 2012 
with a special opening reception on Thursday, February 16.