The Los Angeles International Art Show Opens Today for Guests

The Los Angeles International Art Show is taking place today, Thursday, January 19 through Sunday, January 22 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Art Show includes presentations, artist demonstrations and art workshops that are intended to give visitors an inside look on the creative art process. Today a presentation was held by artist Hunt Slonem,  followed by a discussion about the convergence of art and design by experts including Interior Designer Linda Allen and artist Brad Howe.

Guests will also be introduced to the “Postermania”, a historic art phenomenon that originated in Paris, France 1866. This international poster exhibition was inspired by last year’s debut of vintage posters from the Maslan Gallery of Seattle and Galleries Documents of Paris.

Featured distinguished artists of the period include Alphone Mucha, famous for the poster he created in Paris 1894 for Sarah Bernhardt’s performance in Gismonda at the Renaissance Theatre, and Adolphe Willete, a French National Academy of Fine Arts graduate famed for the popular Chat Noir (black cat) Café and its posters. Willette also worked as an illustrator for magazines such as Figaro and Courier Francais.