Super Yacht for Hotel Mogul Vikram Chatwal

The hotel mogul, Vikram Chatwal lives one of the most lavish lifestyles, with money to spare. Chatwal has been known as the founder of the Dream and Time Hotel brands and in his spare time he can be seen driving around the city in his vintage Aston Martin, partying with reality stars, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, but that’s not all, Wall St. Journal just showcased his 4,000 square-foot bachelor pad in Soho. In 2007, Turkey’s Sea Dreams cleverly built the hotel mogul a 148-ft super yacht called Fathom. The super yacht was designed by Mark Zeff of New York, who has been infamous for working on a ton of Chatwal’s hotels, but what makes this yacht so unique are the amenities. Fathom is equipped with a dining room stocked with a marble-topped table suitable for 10 guests, silk carpets, custom leather and silk seating with stylish rich wood in the main saloon. Also, an 8 person hot tub right next to the gym that’s fully equipped with air condition, but that’s not all, the upper deck saloon is even more spectacular. It has mahogany cabinets, a projection screen and cowhide rugs. Many might ask “what does such an amazing luxury yacht cost? Well, when he’s not using the super yacht, you can opt to charter it per week for about $150,000.

Source: James List