Montblanc Opens Four-Story Concept Store in Beijing

Image: Luxury Insider

Luxury watch, pen, jewelry and leather maker Montblanc has opened a new concept store in Beijing in hopes of capitalizing on a growing demand for luxury goods in the region.

Located at Sanlitun, Beijing, the new four-story Montblanc concept store was opened on Wednesday with Chinese celebrities and media attending the launch. Audio-operated tours, “Time Capsules”, and other interactive setups are located in the store to provide entertainment, such as the ability to sign your name and have your picture displayed.

Montblanc CEO, Lutz Bethge, says, “It’s really the first concept store ever which we created. We have created it here in Beijing because we believe that this will allow us to get even closer to our customers, to let them experience not only our products but what is behind. And this is what I said is very interesting to our Chinese customers. They’re always here.”

This is Montblanc’s 101st store in mainland China and includes numerous luxury goods including pens that can retail for over $300,000.

Bethge adds, “We certainly have a very nice network, so we will certainly expand some stores. But it’s not our strategy to massively expand. For us, it’s more quality. So we have been renovating some stores these years, and relocating stores to better locations, making them better. So that is something where our plan focuses on.”

Source: Luxury Insider