Haute Living Q&A Exclusive with Jesse Marco

Jesse Marco is easily one of the globes hottest rising DJ’s. At a young age Jesse developed a love for music from his parent’s collection of records. Now in his early twenties Jesse is in a league all his own.

He has spun at some the world’s most exclusive parties, nightclub’s and for the best design houses, including Tom Ford. Heidi Klum, Denzel Washington, Russell Simmons, and many others are fans as well. He is an emerging producer, having recently remixed tracks for Kings of Leon, Brandon Flowers, and Peter Bjorn and John. He has been featured in Vanity Fair, GQ, W, Us Weekly, and The New York Post. Jesse has even modeled for Marc Jacobs, Uniqlo, and Converse. From his humble beginnings spinning in the lower east side of Manhattan to a rising international DJ was not an easy one. He is an incredibly humble and hardworking young man and 2012 is going to be his year.

I sat down with Jesse to talk the early days of his career, his inspirations and what his plans are for the future.

Tell me how you got started in the music business?

I was 13 years old when my parents bought me turntables and my best friend from my childhood had gotten them as well. He was a little bit older than me, if he would do something then I’d do it. He got a skate board; I’d get a skate board. He got turntables, I got turntables. Music was always a big thing for me growing up. It just sort of became a hobby. Motown records, rock records, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and my parent’s collection. My Dad had Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Al Green which I am still a big fan of today. I also played the guitar and drums early on. All throughout high school I became a hip hop head and would just spend time in my room scratching. When I was about sixteen I interned at Scratch DJ academy as like an extra curricular thing. And over time it started to shift from a hobby to becoming something I wanted to just dive into. Shortly after that I met a few friends who knew Mark Ronson and I ended up working for him for a while.

What was like working for Mark Ronson?

Well I was the coffee boy at first (laughs). I would find myself trying to just soak up whatever I could, even if it was just being a fly on the wall in the studio. I started working for him shortly after he had finished the Amy Winehouse record. It was cool to watch him go from being a DJ to a Producer. He let me play the drums sometimes (laughs).

What was your first big gig? What was that moment that you felt like you made it?

I’m from New York, I’m a real New York City kid. It wasn’t until I started to travel w for gigs that I felt it. I spun at Tom Ford’s after-party in Milan and I remember thinking ‘omg I’m in Milan’.

Who are some of your mentors in the industry?

DJ AM and Mark. I feel like everyone says that but even if I didn’t meet those guys they would still be two people I looked up too.

Being a DJ today has sort of taken a life of its own. It’s definitely grown in popularity. It’s almost become mainstream in way.

Yeah, It’s crazy (laughs).

What are your thoughts on this?

It’s kind of insane. It’s like I’m watching a commercial and there’s a DJ in every commercial. Something I’ve definitely noticed.

You’ve recently expanded into producing. Tell me about that.

I want to put out a record and it’s coming out soon. It’s sort of a pop dance hybrid. It’s my own record so it kind of goes along with where you’d see me play at. That’s coming out on Big Beat/Atlantic in January. I’m doing remixes and stuff, but I’m really also starting to get into songwriting and work with other people.

And I hear you will be in a new movie coming out?

I am! I got the opportunity to film in this movie called “Project X” which is coming out in March. Produced by Todd Phillips from The Hangover, it’s a hilarious comedy. I play a DJ (laughs). I spent a month and a half filming it in L.A. I got to know some awesome people from it. Because of this new experience, it’s opened up a new door to do music in television and film.

When you aren’t traveling the globe or working on new projects. How do you like to spend your down time?

Staying home (laughs). Watching movies, I like playing chess a lot. I enjoy Baseball.

Lastly you have a DJ management company. Tell me more about that.

After AM passed away a buddy of mine and I started a DJ management company called 4 AM DJ’s. We manage a bunch of other DJ’s. It’s a good platform for me to help other guys. I used to DJ in the lower east side on Friday’s for like 50.00 hoping someone would come and find me. It’s awesome being able to help others. I also have a digital label called Canvas Creative Group, were just putting out weird, off beat dance records at the moment.

Thank you Jesse, it was a pleasure. Congrats on everything.

Thank you

For more information on Jesse visit his official website www.jessemarco.com and follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/jessemarco