Haute Ambassador :: David Heil

Today’s top executives, star athletes, and Hollywood A-listers are a very unique breed. Their lives are so busy and so demanding that their relationships become more important to them than they lead on. It’s that sentiment that makes today’s luxury market one in which the relationship is as important as the product.

 At David August, we maximize our clients’ wardrobe combinations with a “less-is-more” approach.

The likes of Robert Downey Jr., Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham have access to many quality men’s designers, but it’s something beyond the perfect fabric, the chic Italian loafer or the ultra-lux cashmere sweater that is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a clothier. What’s important is the bond and the friendship with the clothier, and it’s for this reason that our clients ultimately look to David August to be their eyes and ears on the clothing front. In short, they want someone to have their backs. At David August, we go beyond; we also have their attention and have their best interests at heart.

Our clients don’t have time to go to stores and shop. They’re focused on the merger, the film script or the opponent. They rely on their support group to take care of the necessities: they have a stockbroker, a personal assistant and, yes, a professional clothier. They desire a company like David August with the same intensity they want that next deal, movie role or big win, even if it’s for a task as simple as picking the perfect tie for the next board meeting.

But the relationship with the luxury customer can only blossom if there is strong trust and unfaltering integrity. Our expert staff at David August knows each client so well that we’re always one step ahead of what he needs and desires, which is essential as clients rely on us to know exactly what they want before they can even figure it out themselves. The David August staff also keeps fresh eyes on the industry, which allows us to inform clients of exciting upcoming luxury items before they actually hit the market. We stay immersed in market trends and, in many cases, help set new standards in luxury goods.

At David August, we maximize our clients’ wardrobe combinations with a “less-is-more” approach. Today’s luxury buyer prefers a clutterfree closet that offers a variety of dressing options rather than a closet full of nothing to wear. Over the years, many clients have expressed that David August has provided them with welcomed clarity and organization in their hectic lives.

Luxury clientele make up a segment of the population that prefers constants to variables; they seldom have a need for transient relationships. Ultimately, our clients become our friends, and we continue to fine tune and strengthen each and every individual’s personal style throughout the journey.

Fashionably yours,