Chinese Architecture Company Builds a Hotel in 15 Days

Photo: Daily Mail

This New Year’s Eve many hotels might have been so busy promoting parties and other events with their guest, but there was one architecture company in China that set a record for building a 30-story hotel in just 15 days right in Hunan Province, China near Dongting Lake.

The company responsible for setting the world’s record was Broad Sustainable Construction. In two weeks, the architecture company managed to use a prefabricated building system to build the 30-story earthquake resistant hotel. That’s right. The architects took their time to make sure that the hotel was 9-magnitude earthquake resistant, with external solar shading and heating recovery air system, so if any natural disasters would occur the guests would be completely safe.

Many might ask “how can this be?” Well, Broad Sustainable Construction started their building task off with a complete steel frame then added fully assembled sections of the hotel, one at a time, until the floors were complete. All that was left to add was furniture and flowers to spruce up the decorum. However, the hotel hasn’t officially opened yet, but we’re sure the guests will love it.

Source: Hotel Chatter

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