A Day In The Life :: Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez boasts an impressive resume, from Broken City with Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe to End of Watch opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick and Michael Peña. Martinez played the lead in Magic City Memoirs, a 2011 Miami International Film Festival selection, was a series regular in ABC’s Detroit 187 and the lead in Universal’s Death Race with Jason Statham. This stunning Cuban-American actress gives Haute Living a glimpse inside a normal day, packed full of reading scripts, workouts and sushi, sushi, and more sushi. Yet this busy beauty still finds plenty of time for the most important supporting roles in her life – played by none other than her beloved dogs Moose and Nola.

9-9:30 AM
Wake up to my dogs Moose and Nola. We all eat breakfast. I’ll usually make breakfast but if I’m in a hurry, I’ll grab a smoothie.

11 AM
I box for a workout at my boxing gym. Other days, I do a class like cardio bar or some form of dancing.

12 PM
I’m a sushi fanatic. Usually I’ll meet a friend for lunch or I go to one of my regular spots on my own. But after a good workout, it’s what I always crave.

2 PM
Go home to let dogs out, or take them for a walk. At this point of the day, I’m relaxed after working out and the dogs are relaxed after their walk, so if I have any scripts to read or emails/ work to do, this is when I get to it.

3 PM
I also spend some time watching Chopped and cooking shows. I love food. It also motivates what I’m going to cook for dinner. But if I have auditions, I probably will still be studying at this time.

5-6 PM
When it starts to cool down, I usually take my dogs to Runyon [Canyon Park] for a hike, then head to the grocery store. My schedule always changes so I do same-day food shopping.

6:45-7 PM
Shower and get ready to make dinner.

8 PM
I’ll probably be cooking at this time, but I also go out to eat often–and it’s usually sushi again for dinner. You thought I was kidding about sushi, huh? Look at my credit card statement. My other obsession is Korean barbecue. I’m a big foodie, I also like to find little hole in the wall [places.]

10 PM
I scream for ice cream!

11 PM
On a weekday, I go home and watch a movie with my dogs or go over anything I have for tomorrow. On the weekend, I go out for a drink and dancing with some friends.

*If I’m working, I pretty much workout, work study and walk my dogs.