2012 London Olympics Sets a Record for Most Expensive Tickets

Since the tickets have gone on sell for the 2012 London Olympics, many have noticed that ticket prices have sky-rocketed compared to past Olympics. Currently, tickets are going for $7,300 per person, not including tax. Surprisingly, $8,760 per person after taxes, but the good news is food and drinks are included.

The only difference this time around is that you have to purchase a minimum of 10 tickets per event, in order to see all of the ceremonies, along with four events. With prices like that, the 2012 London Olympics has been the first in game history to sell such pricey tickets and are expected to sell anywhere between 70,000 to 130,000. Source: Luxuo Like Haute Living London? Join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @HauteLivingUK. Want Haute Living London delivered to your inbox once a week? Sign up for our newsletter.