Pre-Fall 2012: 7 Fashion Trends Still Going Strong

The fashion industry has recently been under fire for being too ahead of its time- some feel that pre-fall (which is shown about a year early) is too far in advance and hurts both the consumer and the designer because what they are wanting to purchase is generally not available for months to come. However, being a store owner and stylist myself I can definitely see the benefit of knowing what’s around the corner long before it actually happens.

For example, now that it is mid-December many people are already focusing on the upcoming spring trends and are hesitant to buy anything more for the colder seasons. Looking at the pre-fall collections and being able to see what will still be on trend next year helps stores with lots of fall inventory still in stock, because clients and stylists will be more likely to purchase mid-season. Here are some of the trends that will still be going strong next fall, so don’t be afraid to snap them up now if you’ve just found that perfect piece!

Metallic leggings will still be going strong next fall, as seen at Theysken’s Theory. Wear them with a leather jacket and booties for a rocker look.

Patterned/colored jeans will be back as well. As a more recent trend, I think this one will be around for a while. I like to wear them as a more casual look, so I think they were perfectly styled at Helmut Lang (L) with this slouchy sweater and booties and at Rag & Bone (R), with a loose biker vest.

Corduroy was a huge hit this fall and it is definitely not going anywhere! Whether it’s new or old, this fabric always takes on a bit of a vintage feel for me, so I would suggest keeping that in mind when you’re putting together your look. At Theysken’s Theory these pants were styled with a vintage inspired coat and t-shirt, and edged up with combat boots- perfection!

Mixing prints was once a major fashion don’t, but has recently become a major fashion do! The key is to keep the prints in the same color family, and to add in basic pieces as well, as seen at Thakoon Addition and TSE.

Fur coats are one of those things that never go out of style, however the cut and shapes tend to change from season to season. Whether you prefer real or faux, the oversized fur coat will be back with a vengeance next fall. Wear the 70s inspired look with a sheer top for an extra sexy look (which you can get away with because of the amount of coverage the coat provides), as show at Theysken’s Theory.

Thigh-high socks will still be around, which is amazing because I adore this trend! To keep them as the main focus of the look wear them with super short shorts (you can even add pantyhose underneath for extra coverage)- just make sure to wear something big on top in contrast, like this oversized sweater at TSE.

Super wide-leg pants are not only comfy, but amazingly chic as well. For those of you who are like me and covet this cut fear not- they will still be in high demand this time next year! Wear them with a slouchy sweater, like at Theysken’s Theory, or for a more polished look, a tie blouse.

Marina Monroe is the CEO of Los Angeles based stylehaüs (, the first boutique to apply a ‘members-only’ model to shopping and styling services.  Stylehaüs services celebrity clientele, celebrity stylists, and clientele nationwide.  Originally from New York City, Marina has over a decade of experience in a variety of fashion fields, including retail management, public relations, styling and product design. Follow her on twitter@MarinaStylehaus

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