Giuliana and Bill Rancic Set to Open Italian Eatery

Photo: Splash

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are set to open an Italian eatery at 52 W Illinois, in a space that Ben Pao once occupied. The television personality and E! News co-host will be teaming up with Jerrod, RJ and Molly Melman of Lettuce Entertain You in a mission to open RPM Italian in late January. Many may ask how the team came up with the restaurant’s name, but the acronym symbolizes Chef Doug Psaltis, the restaurant’s chef, the Rancics and of course, the Melmans.

Originally, the E! News co-host thought of naming the eatery after her mother, Mama DePandi’s, however, Giuliana felt the name was a bit “Old World Italian,” despite the fact that her mother inspired the dishes. On the couple’s Style Network show “Giuliana & Bill,” they had been contemplating on whether to open a restaurant in Chicago or LA. Overall, they’ve decided to go with the Windy City.

Sadly, Rancic had to undergo a double mastectomy earlier this month, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in October. Bill states that as Giuliana recovers from the surgery she is doing “really well.”

Source: Huffington Post

Photo: Getty Images